by Carol Naidu from India,

After a wonderful cookie baking session with Frauke during Christmas holidays, I somehow wanted to learn how to cook German dishes. When I first learned and baked cookies with other volunteers under the supervision of Frauke, I was very happy and somehow, I considered myself as a chef but the truth is, I am not at all good at cooking.  Before I came here, I was told by everyone in India that Germans are natural Chefs, I was also told that everyone can cook and bake delicious food and cakes. After meeting Frauke I believed that whatever I was told was indeed the truth. Frauke loves to bake delicious cakes, pies, cookies, etc. Whenever she bakes, she brings it in the office for all of us. Trust me, if you are having a bad day just eat Frauke’s cake. There is nothing in this world, at least for me, that can ever replace Frauke’s delicious cakes, cookies and of course other delicious dishes as well.

When I was all alone in volunteershouse, Frauke visited me once or twice a week and helped me out with cleaning. So, on 28th April, we had an appointment to meet at volunteershouse at 3.30 pm. (Germans likes to make appointments before visiting each other, they really don’t like a surprise visit.) I was getting ready near around 2.50 pm and I went out to check the mailbox and suddenly due to the wind the door closed. I didn’t have keys nor did I have my phone. I was locked out; I find this incident very funny because due to corona people are locked inside their houses and I was locked outside the house. I didn’t have any other option except waiting for Frauke, so I waited outside for her for around 30 min. In the meanwhile I was just wondering, what would I do if I was locked out some other day? Thankfully Frauke and I had an appointment but this really made me realise that I should be well prepared for this situation in advance in future. After waiting for some time Frauke came and I filled her in with details and then we tried seeing if there was any possible way to enter but unfortunately there was no way to get in and so we went to Carolin’s house and took her keys (as she always has spare keys for volunteers house) and then we returned back to Wickede.

After this adventure we were back in volunteers house and for sure it was a bad day for both of us but just like a fairy takes out her magic stick, Frauke took out her baking roller and then we started baking Schinkenhörnchen. Yes, after eating Frauke’s delicious Blätterteig-Taschen, suddenly my bad day turned into a very happy day. I still can’t get over Blätterteig-Taschen, it was the most delicious food I have ever eaten.              And for sure I learned something very delicious that day. Ahhh! I forgot to mention something: Frauke also brought some Lemon cakes for me that day.

So, this is how cooking lessons with Frauke took place. We will for sure have more cooking lessons with Frauke and if you like it and if would like to see a full video of cooking lesson, do let us know down in the comment session. Have a nice day and if you are not having one, I hope you manage to find your own magic stick just like I found Frauke’s baking roller….