by Georges from DR Congo

It was a certain Sunday, 05/30/2021, that we took part in a city bike tour. We had been invited by dear Jenny and we had a workforce of 9 participants.

We left Dortmund for Ratingen on a train with our bikes to join the group.

However, the tour started in Ratingen to Düsseldorf,a distance of around 20 km. The tour was led by dear ANDREAS and his wife BRITTA.

So along the way, we stopped somewhere for a break.

Nevertheless, during the break, Lady BRITTA, reading us a desire story and after reading it, the lady also asking us on our turns to prepare our desires to be shared with others just during the second break. Something that impressed me a lot.

We continue the road to reach a hill, on which on the right side was built a hut, and it is in this last where we rest, but also by sharing our desires as was planned:

So, on my side my desire which is currently a reality that I am living, it is therefore a desire that I had since my childhood when I was doing the 6th primary.

Listen to it:

My desire was to be one day on European soil, by air and not by sea.

Visit different European cities although at the time I did not know which country in Europe I would visit.

However, before this immigration I first wanted to live in a city in my country where LINGALA is spoken fluently, because this language seems to be influenced by the whole country.

So when I had this opportunity to come to Europe in April 2020; I also had the chance to travel to KINSHASA, the capital of the DRC, for a Visa application. Here, we should only do one month for this request, but unfortunately, on 10.03.2020, the first case of covid-19 was reported in the city of Kinshasa, and after all activities were blocked including the embassies.

We then began a period of health crisis caused by covid-19, from the month of FEBRUARY, because we arrived there in February, until the month of SEPTEMBER. We were closed in Kinshasa.

So, for me, although it shocked us greatly, but in my interior, I said that it is a coincidence with my desire that God is fulfilling for me, because it was my prayer to live in a city where we speak LINGALA, so that I benefit from learning. Here I am now able to speak Lingala: … „God be praised forever, for he meets our needs in different ways“

And after that I got my Visa for Europe and landed on European soil on 23.03.2021 aboard a KLM airline.

A conclusion, which I drew here, and that „God responds with time, it is therefore a question of having patience“

However, after sharing our wishes, we continued the road to Düsseldorf, unfortunately my sister Espérance had slipped with her bike and it caused a knee injury. But things are better for her now.

Arrive in Düsseldorf. At the edge of a river, we had shared dinner together and then ANDREAS, decided to stop the tour and return to our homes.

Thank you to all of you!