Yes, a Guest Blog! We never had this concept until a few days ago when our colleague Jana Michler came up with this creative concept called “The Advents WhatsApp calendar”. All of us would have already known what an advents calendar is, but a WhatsApp advents calendar, how innovative!

The best part about this WhatsApp Calendar is that Jana comes up with short stories, tasks and vibrant images with a very deep meaning contained inside. In a world, where Christmas, has lost its actual meaning, Jana brings back realization in our day to day lives.

Introduction text from Jana – ‘My name is Jana, I am 24 years old, I live in Hagen and I work as a youth adviser in Dortmund. I love to travel, laugh and live happily! I am an optimist through and through! From Advent I hope to always be able to breathe a little. My everyday life is often hectic and characterized by stress. In Advent, I would like to deliberately take some time for myself and my thoughts during the day. This advent calendar may help you too.’

Here is our favorite post from Jana Michler on transculturality:


Transculturality is when two completely different people at two completely different ends of the world
have the same song in the Advent calendar. Transculturality is when you find a thing good that I like too.

Transculturality is possible without restriction across all borders. Transculturality is life itself. Michael Patrick Kelly sings ‚I am more than a passport, I am unique, Our passports, identifications, and cultural affiliations divide, assign, and divide us. But are we not more than that ?! More than German, Indian or Congolese? Are we not more than one number in our passport? ‚You see my ID does not matter where were from.

Transculturality is, when an Indian and a Congolese volunteer live in Dortmund and have the same T-
shirt in their suitcases. Transculturality is when the two watch their favorite German TV crime show “Tatort”, but as a German I have never seen a single Tatort.

Transculturality is not just the intersection of cultures or the pure encounter, but more. Transculturality is the passing over, the blurring of cultures. Transculturality means recognizing a variety of different interests, ways of life and lifestyles in each culture. To see similarities and correspondences that are limitless.

My Nationality : Human

Have a limitless day, all love, Jana
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