by Hannah from India.

Ever since my stay at Dortmund, there has not passed a single day without me craving for spicy Indian food. On an average, an authentic Indian cuisine has 6 different spices in one single dish. India produces 70 % of worlds spices therefore rightly named ‘The land of Spices’. What does the land do with so many spices? Cook mouth-watering food indeed! The Indian food culture is heavily influenced by the Persian, Central Asian, Arab and Mediterranean cultures. In no particular order comes Chennai’s most favorite food.

Idli : Idli is made with the batter of lentil and rice, steamed into small cakes. Idli is termed as one of
the healthiest foods of the world. It is often eaten with chutneys or vegetarian and Non-vegetarian

Dosa : Dosa is a crispy pancake made with batter of rice and black gram. The crispiness of the dosa
eaten along with the soft creamy chutneys are true bliss to the taste buds.

Jigarthanda : which roughly translates ‘Cool Heart’ is a cold milk beverage with Milk, almonds ice
cream and vermicelli.

Parotta : it is one of the most favorite dishes in South India, the hard chewing parotta made out of
Maida is often eaten with beef or chicken curry.

Pani Poori: Though Pani Poori is a typical North Indian snack, it has captured the Chennai people’s
hearts and mouths. The bite sized hollow poori along with flavoured water, Mashed potatoes and
chutneys are the perfect blend of Various tastes and textures.

Kulfi: Kulfi is nothing but an ice cream, the only difference making it creamier and denser. Kulfi
comes in a whole wide range of flavours ranging from rose, Mango to Saffron and Pistachios.

Biriyani: The favourite list would be incomplete without this particular dish. Biriyani is the most
favorite food of Chennai people from the small-scale local road side shops to the star restaurants,
Biriyani is the one thing which remains constant. The spiced rice mixture with meat, eaten alongside
Brinjal gravy and chilled raita is nothing but an experience.