by Georges from DR Congo

I work in a school called „Kreuz-Grundschule“, a large school working in Kreuzstraße 145, Dortmund 44173.

I supervise the children, I keep them busy right after class, waiting for their parents to come and pick them up.

The last week of April was my first week in my work placement, as of Monday, 04.23.2021.

The very first day I was accompanied by dear Carolin, give me a good start to the job. At school we were warmly welcomed by the principal Kim and her colleagues on the services. Every time the same day I was presented by Antonio, in different classrooms and make a visit everywhere within the school observing how the school works. So, their tools, children’s plays etc.

For this first week the children were happy and active towards me, and they wanted to ask me a lot of questions unfortunately I did not understand anything because they speak too fast, so that I could not even capture even 5 words due to their speed expression, in front of a simple beginner of the German language. But the children knew that I speak German as well as they do, which is why they did that. It was after their teachers told them „George doesn’t speak German but he is learning, so when you speak with him you have to speak slowly“ and then I saw the children straighten their speaking speed.

During this week, we had a good time with the children playing games, a little Jogging so I would say that the children are really nice to me. When I asked the question to Nadja, who is also the director; to know, if why the children are nice to me, she replied „It’s because you are a new person, we children are used to seeing each other every day and every year“ This one speaks a little French .I want to say however that despite the language seems to be a challenge for me, but I am first of all good in my placement I work with responsible people who guide well and who are especially understandable because my second week does not like the first that is to say there is already a small change.

So I hope that during this year of my voluntary service I will be able to improve the German language with especially the children who ask a lot of questions and I am happy with that, because it is also a way of learning a lot not only the language but also rather, the daily life, that is to say acquiring new things.