by Hannah from India.

One of the experiences to cherish for my lifetime would always be the 10-day trip to Paris. Gentille and I geared up for our travel the very next day after Christmas, it was a boring 10-hour travel in the bus from Dortmund to the French capital, we stayed at Gentille’s relative’s house at Paris.

On our first day we visited the majestic Eiffel tower, it felt so magical standing under it, we circled under the Eiffel tower, drooled, admired every part of it and ended up taking 100’s of photos. On our next days we visited all the tourist places Louvre Museum, Arc de Triomphe, Notre- Dame, Champs-Elysees, Sacre Coeur etc. Etc.

As we walked on the streets, we admired the city the old ravishing buildings, we ate a lot of crepes, potato fries and caramel candies. In just three days Gentille had all the metro line details, routes and time in her finger tips ‘’ Pro’’ in orientation as always.

While walking through the streets of Paris, many people would notice us speaking German turn around to see us and would be completely shocked to see an Indian and a Congolese speaking German in Paris, throughout the journey we realized we were ‘’ Germans in Paris’’.

We spent the last day of 2018 at an open street dancing with 100s of other tourist from all around the world, dancing to Arabic songs played by an African man. Through the constant Trans cultural-ism we practiced and always spoke , we have now gained a new pair of eyes to view and embrace every bit of it.

On the following days, we did a lot of shopping, Gentille’s family took us to Disney Land Paris, we spend an entire day there, screaming through the rides and smiling through the joy. Overall Paris was just another dream come true.