by Hannah from India.

The take of cell phones on humanity has been astounding, a study says that there are more people in this world with cell phones than the total number of toilets in this world. Yes, cell phones are a necessity, communicates at ease, helps in emergency, access to anything and everything but it also has its very own downfall.
Let’s go back a little in History, the first cell phone was invented in 1973 by Martin Cooper, which weighted 1.1kgs, required 10 hours of charge time and provided 30 minutes of talk time, 10 years down the lane Motorola sold its first Commercial cell phone, Motorola Dyna TAC 8000 X which costed €2639. With years of invention and more advanced software cell phones became smaller, smarter and cheaper.

Fast forwarding to now! With 4.68 billion mobile users worldwide, which is expected to cross 5 billion by the end of 2019. Statistics displays that 62.9 percentage of earth’s population owns a smartphone.

Cell phones glued to the hands of this generation, did you know an average person unlocks their mobile 110 times a day, which is at least once in every 5 minutes. Dr Garnish of Indian thermal analysis quotes ‘’ A human body can be safely kept in a radiation prone zone for only 19 minutes’’, which means that a person is safe with the mobile only for 19 minutes per day without harming themselves.

Results of study rats under prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation showed severe brain damage, not only health hazards, reports of Niagra University claims ‘’ Anxiety and Depression increases with cell phone usage’’.

The pocket friendly device has clearly become a hinderance to the Human Kind. Ask yourselves when was the last 24 hours you spent, without a handy device? How often does a Notification pop up on your screen? How many times a day do you charge your mobile device? How much time you spend on social media? How often are you driven into a pool full of unnecessary data? How often does your Cell phones manipulate your emotions? Are our objectives and goals been led astray by the mere presence of small device? THINK!