by Hannah from India.

The best of things, always happen unexpectedly. Just after a lunch date with pastor Christina, she asked us if we would like to visit her office.Pastor Christina is working in the MÖWe, the German word for the animal gull, but also the name of the Office for Mission, Ecumenism and Global Responsibility in the Church of Westfalia. With zero expectations we agreed and left to ‘The Werkstatt Bibel’.

A museum, which is also in the same building of the MÖWe, although it belongs to another department within the Church of Westfalia.  As we entered we saw a big wall with small lettering all over. A step closer and I was startled to know that the entire Bible was printed on the wall! Yes, you read it right ‘THE ENTIRE BIBLE’. The Old and The New Testament. Our faces were delighted with surprise but that wasn’t all.

Pastor Christina pointed us to a shelf of books, I ran next to it eagerly. There to my surprise werebibles printed like Manga’s, Bibles printed like newspapers, Minecraft bibles and so much more. Theinner child in me was smiling with happiness. We also saw a bible from the 18th century, a chapter ofthe a very tiny bible under the microscope, bibles in different languages from all over the world andthe coolest part were the toilets, which also played along the theme. They were named Adam andEve!

It’s amazing how such creativity, imagination and artistry were depicted all at one place and theentities from early ages are truly a treasure to the human eyes.

The unexpected moments in our lives are always the sweetest; such was our day at thebible museum and if you haven’t been there at Werkstatt Bibel yet, make a visit! It’s your time to be amazed.